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Wit and Wisdom of Gateway Church Athens GA

As we begin our new church life … so too a new blog!

I was on a trip this week and had to pick a colleague up at the airport.  While waiting on him, I engaged in one of my favorite past times, watching people.  I noticed a young man with a t-shirt that had a slogan in bold on the back.  “Engage the culture” and then there were a couple of scriptures backing it up.

When I had the chance I asked him “Engage the culture, what does that look like?”.

“Huh?” he mumbled in surprised response.

“I noticed the back of your shirt and I wondered what engaging the culture looked like.”

“Oh that was a slogan from our church conference.”

Then he went on about his business and I went on about mine.  But I couldn’t shake the incident.  Here was a young man that boldly wore a shirt proclaiming the more than noble goal of engaging a corrupt culture for Christ and when asked about it, didn’t have a clue what it meant, let alone what it was.  To him, it was a shirt from a church conference.  Now I don’t want to be too hard on the young man and base opinions about him on one chance encounter in an airport.  Yet there is something about the encounter that disturbs me.  It’s not about the young man either.  It’s about me.

I hope that I don’t represent to God that I am willing to engage our modern culture for Christ and when an opportunity to do so arises, I miss it.  If I am going to “wear a shirt” proclaiming my willingness to engage, I better be ready to engage, or don’t wear the shirt!

Over the last couple of days my colleague and I have had ample opportunity to discuss Christ (he’s also a Christian) and I listened to his testimony.  He had a great statement that I think is worth holding on to.

He starts his day with this simple prayer: “Lord, I invite you to be a part of my life today.”

With that simple prayer he launches into the stress of corporate life, (no easy task I might add).

I think that’s a great prayer for me and I intend to use it each day as I launch out in my little boat into the deep waters of daily life.

Lord: I invite you into my life today.  Help me to be ready to engage the culture when the opportunity is presents itself.   If I am not ready, help me to get ready.


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